At The Spine Foundation, our mission extends beyond treatment and surgery; it encompasses creating a new movement in affordable public health. We firmly believe that lasting impact is achieved by empowering others with knowledge and skills, enabling them to carry the vision forward. By sharing our expertise, we not only transform individual lives but also contribute to building a stronger, healthier future for communities on a larger scale.

Our commitment to fostering excellence in spinal healthcare is reflected in our comprehensive training programs. These programs are meticulously designed to empower healthcare professionals and young orthopaedic surgeons, equipping them with the necessary skills to evolve into proficient spine surgeons. Through hands-on training, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge resources, we strive to nurture a new generation of healthcare professionals capable of delivering high-quality spinal care.


Since 1998, The spine foundation has been deeply committed to the education and mentorship of young orthopaedic surgeons. We have a two-year The Spine foundation fellowship program, specifically designed to provide comprehensive training to orthopaedic surgeons following their MS/DNB qualifications. 

This program equips aspiring surgeons with the specialised skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the field of spinal care. This program serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to equipping the next generation of surgeons with the specialised skills and knowledge. At the core of The Spine Foundation’s fellowship program lies a commitment to training and mentoring aspiring spine surgeons, known as The Spine Foundation Fellows. This fellowship program is structured to provide fellows with a comprehensive and rigorous training experience, specifically focused on spine surgery. Throughout the program, fellows undergo specialised training that covers a wide range of aspects related to spine surgery. This includes learning about various surgical techniques, mastering surgical procedures, understanding patient evaluation and diagnosis, and gaining proficiency in post-operative care and management.

The emphasis of the fellowship program is not only on imparting technical skills but also on instilling confidence in the fellows. The goal is to prepare them to independently manage and treat spine problems with competence and expertise. Through hands-on experience, mentorship from seasoned professionals, and exposure to diverse cases, fellows are equipped to navigate the complexities of spinal healthcare with confidence. The Spine Foundation adopts a holistic approach to spine healthcare. Our commitment extends beyond medical expertise to encompass the critical social dimension. In our comprehensive training programs, both fellows and residents undergo a sensitisation process. This process helps them recognise the pressing need to reach out to individuals who lack access to spine healthcare due to financial constraints or geographical isolation. The Fellowship also allows active involvement in clinics, ward management and surgeries along with spine specialists.

The fellowship is carried out in various tertiary care institutes in Mumbai including Lilavati Hospital, New Age Wockhardt Hospital (Mumbai Central) and Breach Candy Hospital. Part of fellowship also includes exposure to peripheral centres like VN Desai Municipal hospital. Fellows are expected to gain expertise in all major areas of current orthopaedic spine practice including degenerative, trauma, infection, deformity correction and neoplasms. Over the course of this two-year program, fellows take on progressively increasing clinical responsibilities.




Fellows actively participate in clinics, ward management, and surgeries, working closely with esteemed experts.


Our ultimate aim is to evolve young orthopaedic surgeons into highly skilled spine specialists, ready to make a significant impact in the field.


Throughout the program, fellows take on increasing clinical responsibilities, preparing them for the challenges of spinal healthcare.


Fellows play a crucial role in maintaining and updating surgical and outpatient records, gaining valuable hands-on experience.


Fellows have the opportunity to engage in ongoing research projects conducted by our unit, contributing to the advancement of spinal care knowledge.


The Spine Foundation organises Basic Spine Workshops with the primary objective of advancing knowledge and expertise in the field of spine care. These workshops are specifically designed to enhance awareness of spine surgery among orthopaedic surgeons who are in the early stages of their careers. 

The workshops serve as a platform where both national and international spine surgeons converge to share their insights, discuss emerging techniques, and exchange valuable knowledge. By bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds, these workshops foster an environment conducive to learning and collaboration. 

Through the facilitation of such events, The Spine Foundation actively contributes to the dynamic growth and continuous advancement of spine treatment. By staying abreast of the latest developments and innovations in the field, healthcare professionals can better serve their patients with the most effective care available.

Ultimately, the initiative ensures that healthcare professionals remain at the forefront of spine care, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide optimal treatment outcomes for their patients. By empowering surgeons with ongoing education and training opportunities, The Spine Foundation plays a crucial role in elevating the standard of spine care and improving patient outcomes.


  • To “Ignite” young minds, to take up the branch of Spine surgery, with a specific goal and purpose in mind.
  • To increase the knowledge of basic spine pathologies and procedures, amongst general Orthopaedic and Neuro spine surgeons.
  • Help young Orthopaedic and Neuro Spine surgeons to compress their learning curve.
  • To ensure quality spine care to the needy – both urban and rural poor.
  • Videos on surgical approaches and common spine surgeries


  • Hands-on-cadaver experience.
  • Lectures on degenerative pathologies of Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine diagnosis, evaluation and their non operative and operative management
  • Infection in spine – Diagnosis, evaluation and management options in tuberculosis of spine, pyogenic infection.
  • Fracture spine – Evaluation, management and rehabilitation
  • Tips and tricks in spine surgeries 
  • Interactive sessions with delegates.

The Spine foundation stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of spine care. We achieve this distinction by offering comprehensive training programs, forging strategic collaborations with esteemed educational institutions and demonstrating a genuine commitment to addressing the social aspects of spinal health. Through these efforts, we cultivate a network of exceptionally skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing outstanding care to spine patients, ensuring their well-being and quality of life.

We offer training to community health workers to spread awareness and identify patients. We are training them in rehabilitation techniques to make them as spine care helpers. We also train medical social workers and physotherapists.

The training programs depend on several factors. It depends on the availability of trainees, the community they cater to, their population and more such factors.

The Spine Foundation Fellowship program is a comprehensive 2-year training.

The trainees are trained by spine specialists. The health workers including Asha workers will learn from the spine specialists about spine awareness and ailments. Continuing Medical Education sessions are conducted by The Spine Foundation during the camps to train physiotherapists and local doctors.