Spine Center

Located in Gujarat's Saurashtra region, Amreli charms visitors with its rich culture, thriving economy, and stunning natural beauty. Lush farmlands, wildlife sanctuaries, and historical sites make it a haven for both heritage buffs and nature lovers. Bustling markets and vibrant festivals like Navratri and Diwali coexist with the serenity of Gir National Park, creating a unique blend of tradition and natural wonder.

The people of Amreli are known for their strong sense of cultural pride. Though facing challenges like limited access to healthcare and education, they warmly welcome visitors, sharing their customs, delicious cuisine, and joyous festivals.

Amreli's residents lead lives deeply intertwined with the land. Farmers often engage in long hours of bending, lifting, and carrying heavy loads, putting a strain on their spines. Similarly, women engaged in household chores that involve repetitive movements like grinding spices, sweeping floors, and carrying water pots on their heads, can experience back pain and spinal issues over time.

The Spine Foundation recognizes the high prevalence of spinal problems in rural areas, directly linked to the daily lives of its residents. We have organized free spine camps and trained local healthcare professionals to address common issues like back pain, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs.

Working closely with local authorities and grassroots organizations, The Spine Foundation implements comprehensive healthcare programs focused on rural development. This includes educating residents on preventative measures like proper lifting techniques and posture, promoting back pain exercises that can be done at home, and raising awareness about spinal health.

The Spine Foundation's dedication to healthcare and community empowerment reflects their commitment to building a strong and compassionate society in Amreli. Through innovative programs and philanthropic support, they expand their reach, providing crucial spinal care services and significantly contributing to the town's prosperity and well-being. As Amreli flourishes as a cultural and economic hub, The Spine Foundation plays a vital role in improving access to healthcare and fostering a healthier community.