Spine Center

Purulia, Jharkhand, India, is a village bordered by hills. Life in Purulia revolves around agriculture, with villagers primarily engaged in farming, tending to crops like rice, pulses, and vegetables, alongside rearing livestock such as goats and cows. The community's livelihood is closely intertwined with the natural environment, where daily rhythms are dictated by the seasons and the fertile lands that sustain them.

Culturally, Purulia is rich in traditions rooted in its tribal heritage. Festivals like the Tusu Parab and Bhadu Parab are celebrated with fervor, featuring folk songs, dances, and rituals that reflect the villagers' deep spiritual connection with nature and their ancestral roots. Handicrafts such as pottery and weaving also play a significant role in the local economy, showcasing the artistic skills passed down through generations.

Despite its natural beauty and cultural vibrancy, Purulia faces health challenges, particularly related to spinal issues. The demanding physical labor involved in farming and daily chores often leads to ailments such as spinal stenosis, herniated disks, and chronic back pain among villagers. These conditions are exacerbated by factors like improper lifting techniques, lack of ergonomic tools, and limited access to healthcare facilities.

For many residents of Purulia, healthcare services are scarce, and preventive care education is often overlooked. This lack of access contributes to the prevalence of spinal problems, as symptoms worsen over time without proper medical intervention. Additionally, the rural setting and lack of education on spine care further compound these health issues, leaving many to suffer from persistent pain and mobility issues.

In response to these challenges, The Spine Foundation, in collaboration with local partners like MANT and Swasthya Swaraj, organized a health camp in Purulia in February 2023. Held at a public school, the camp provided a vital opportunity for nearly 500 villagers to receive consultations and treatment for their spine-related concerns. Medical professionals not only offered immediate relief through treatments and medications but also emphasized the importance of preventive measures and simple exercises to alleviate and manage back pain.

This initiative by The Spine Foundation exemplifies how targeted healthcare interventions can make a significant impact in rural communities like Purulia. By providing accessible healthcare services and promoting health education, the foundation aims to improve the quality of life for villagers, empowering them to lead healthier and more productive lives.