Wadia Hospital

Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital:

In 2004, The Spine Foundation made a significant leap by establishing a specialised paediatric spine unit at Wadia Hospital. This decision was guided by a clear vision: to provide comprehensive support to young patients with spinal issues, ultimately enabling them to lead fulfilling lives free from their conditions. This initiative aimed to bring hope and healing to children and marked the creation of the nation's first specialised paediatric spine unit.

Caring for children with spinal problems presents distinct challenges due to their unique anatomical and physiological characteristics. Unlike adults, children's bones are continuously growing and remodelling, making their cases complex and multifaceted. Despite these complexities, The Spine Foundation embraced these challenges with unwavering determination. Their motivation was rooted in a deep-seated mission to alleviate the suffering of young patients and restore the joys of life to them.

V.N. Desai Municipal General Hospital:

To extend its reach to the urban poor, The Spine Foundation inaugurated its centre at V.N. Desai Hospital in 2009. Here, they offer free spine care and surgeries, embodying a commitment to providing top-notch healthcare regardless of a patient’s background. At V.N. Desai Hospital, The Spine Foundation conducts OPD clinics every other day, effectively bridging the gap for those who cannot access private healthcare.

The Spine Foundation doctors perform complicated surgeries such as congenital scoliosis correction and have also begun conducting minimally invasive procedures like tubular microscopic surgeries at V.N. Desai Hospital. The foundation introduced a state-of-the-art modular operating theatre with laminar flow and advanced anaesthesia setup, offering facilities that rival those of private hospitals.

V.N. Desai Hospital
Types of Surgeries

Types of Surgeries at V.N. Desai Municipal General Hospital:

  • Lumbar spine surgeries
  • Dorsal spine surgeries
  • Cervical spine surgeries
  • Tandem surgeries
  • Spine infection surgeries (Spondylodiscitis)
  • Spine tumour surgeries
  • Anterior cervical surgeries
  • Deformity correction surgeries
  • Occipitocervical surgeries