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  • GMC, Nagpur
    • MBBS: 2001
    • MS (Orthopaedics): 2006

Special Training:

  • Fellow NewYork University Hospital of Joint Diseases – New York University, USA – 2009
  • Spine Foundation Fellow-ship – Dr Bhojraj, Lilavati Hospital and research centre, Breach Candy hospital – 2008
  • Fellow Association of spine surgeons of India – A.S.S.I (Association of spine surgeons of India) – 2007

Work Experience:

  • Fellow and visiting researcher – New-York University Hospital of Joint diseases (Spine division) – 2009
  • Associate spine surgeon – ‘The spine Clinic’ Lilavati hospital and research centre and Breach candy hospital – 2008
  • Spine Foundation Fellowship – Lilavati hospital and research centre, Bandra,and Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai – 2006
  • Late Shri Amrut Modi Unichem – BJD India Fellowship awards – 2006
  • Fellow ASSI – Low back pain research fellow – 2007
  • Associate Spine surgeon, at Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W),and Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

Teaching Experience:

  • Working as Associated spine surgeon and involved in training of Spine fellows in the spine clinic at ‘The spine clinic’ – Lilavati hospital and Breach candy hospital, Mumbai.
  • Involved as an Instructor in postgraduate instructional course series at Lilavati hospital and research centre-2007
  • Incharge of undergraduate teaching during postgraduation period (M S Orthopaedics – 3 years) at G.M.C. Bhopal.


  • Role of Enders nails in fixation of fracture shaft femur in children of age 8-15 years- xxiv annual Conference of MP Chapter IOA.
  • Kienbocks Disease in a case of VIC- ioacon 2005
  • Pseudoarthrosis of femur- a rare case presentation– xxiv annual Conference of MP Chapter IOA
  • Osteomalacia- a presentation with rare features– xxiv annual Conference of MP Chapter IOA
  • Neurilemmoma of hand – a case presentation– A review of literature- xxiII annual Conference of MP Chapter IOA
  • Valgus osteotomy for better functional outcome in neglected fracture neck femur – a review of literature -xxiII annual Conference of MP Chapter IOA
  • Project on Research on low back pain in rural and urban poor – at Wiroc in Mumbai in 2006
  • Project on low back pain in rural and urban poor and early results of this project – ASSICON in 2007 at Goa
  • Low back pain research – An Indian Perspective – XIV Annual conference on low back pain research –Palma de Mallorca 2007
  • When to do discectomy in patient with LCS – A prospective introspection – ASSICON 2008 at Coimbatore
  • Project on Low back pain – progress – ASSICON 2008 at Coimbatore
  • Project on Low back pain – Progress and few initial inferences – ASSICON 2008 at Chennai.

Courses Attended:

  • April 2004 – Course in Hand Surgery, Arihant Hospital Indore.
  • Oct 2004 – Basics of arthroplasy, LTM College and Hospital, Sion, Bombay
  • Oct 2004 – Workshop on Proximal Femoral Nailing, Aardi Gaadi Medical College Ujjain
  • Sept 2005 – Workshop on Articular Surface Replacement, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal
  • Sept 2005 – Workshop on Locking Compression Plate, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal
  • August 2006 – ASSICON ICS at Hyderabad
  • October 2006 – Workshop on Rheumatological musculoskeletal diseases in India Attended Asia Pacific Orthopedic Association-operative course meet- at Coimbatore March 2007.
  • December 2006 – WIROC (Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference) at Mumbai
  • June 2007 – ASSICON at Goa.
  • October 2007 – XIV International forum on back pain research – Palma De Mallorca, Spain. Also attended a workshop on ‘Converting research into practice’.
  • January 2008 – ASSICON at Coimbatore
  • December 2008 – WIROC (Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference) at Mumbai
  • January 2009 – ASSICON at Chennai.

Clinical Experience in Orthopaedics in Details:

  • Register in Orthopaedics – 2003-2006 – Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal
  • Spine Foundation Fellow – Lilavati hospital and research centre, Bandra, Mumbai, India – 2006 – ongoing


  • Pre Registration House Officer (Intern) – Pre Registration House Officer (Intern) – Jan 2001 to Oct 2001
  • Pre Registration House Officer (Intern) – Rural PHC in Nagpur district – Oct 2001 to Jan 2002

Details of Work:

  • Spine Foundation Fellow – Lilavati Hospital and research centre. 2006
  • During my tenure as registrar at Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, I performed supervised surgeries and assisted my Professors and Seniors.


  • Dr. S. Y. Bhojraj – M.S. (Ortho), F.C.P.S. (Ortho.), D.Ortho
  • Dr. Abhay Nene – M.S. (Ortho)
  • Dr. Raghu Prasad Varma – M.S. (Ortho)
  • Dr Sheetal Mohite – D.N.B (Ortho)
  • Dr. Sanjiv Gaur – Associate Professor (Department of orthopaedics)

Dr. Sameer Kalkotwar