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Savita Shashikant Remje, a resilient woman from the quaint village of Ainekher near Chiplun, faced adversity from a young age.Despite her illiteracy, she took on manual jobs like cleaning yards, gathering cashew nuts, and weeding to make ends meet. She endured excruciating pain in her left leg but continued working as she couldn’t afford to rest. Eventually, the pain became unbearable, and she relied on a walking stick.

After two years, she was bedridden, immobilized by her agony. Fate intervened when Sushant, now working at V.N. Desai Hospital with the Spine Foundation, sought help for his mother. The compassionate doctors at the foundation immediately offered assistance.Savita Remje’s story took an extraordinary turn when she became the 1000th patient scheduled for free surgery by the Spine Foundation at V.N. Desai Hospital. Savita Shashikant Remje’s transformation from a woman in pain to a symbol of strength is a true success story, one that inspires us all.


Atharva Mangave, a resilient soul hailing from Narsobawadi, located 50km east of Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Atharva’s journey began with a congenital anterior chest wall defect, a challenging condition that not only impacted his spine but also compromised his lung capacity, making him vulnerable to frequent infections that took a toll on his health. The complexity of his condition meant that there was no one-shot solution to stabilize his spine. The medical team’s ingenious approach involved the strategic placement of growth rods to support his spinal column and lungs, all while ensuring proper spinal alignment.

Atharva’s resilience shone brightly as he continued to visit the hospital regularly, every six months until the age of seven and then once a year until he turned eleven. Dr. Abhay Nene, the head of our Paediatric Spine Unit at Wadia, have not only mended Atharva’s body but also sowed the seeds of hope in his heart.

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In 2018, Neeraj Tiwari’s life took a drastic turn due to an accident resulting in a fractured spine and spinal cord damage. After surgery at a local hospital, he faced complete loss of motor control in his lower limbs and sensory deprivation. Due to financial constraints, Neeraj was transferred to V.N. Desai Hospital for rehabilitation. The Spine Foundation’s Rehab Team, led by Dr. Gaurish Kenkre, set daily goals, working relentlessly on trunk control, balance, and upper body strength. Their efforts paid off when Neeraj achieved the milestone of sitting independently and regaining control over most daily activities.

Through various techniques and equipment, including splints and suspension, Neeraj progressed from standing with support to learning to walk again. His muscle strength improved from 0/5 to 3/5, and he transitioned from complete dependence on walking aids to walking independently with minimal support.


Reshma Khan, a 22-year-old resident of Kandivali, arrived at V.N. Desai Hospital in a dire condition. Neglected D11-L1 TB spondylodiscitis had left her with severe cord compression, rendering her paralyzed from the waist down for a month. Her struggle extended to compromised bladder and bowel functions, making her unable to control them. MRI results confirmed the diagnosis: tuberculosis of the spine with severe spinal cord compression. In a rare and life-changing surgical procedure, Reshma underwent spine decompression and Hartshill fixation at the hospital. Just ten days post-surgery, she achieved the remarkable feat of walking independently with minimal support.

Reshma Khan’s triumphant battle against TB spondylodiscitis and paraplegia, from paralysis to mobility, stands as a testament to the power of medical intervention and determination.