Tales Of Recovery

At The Spine Foundation, we recognise that not everyone can afford high-quality spine treatment. Similar to the challenges faced by our rural and tribal populations in India, limited access to healthcare and financial limitations that limit proper spine treatment exist in many parts of the world.

We were motivated to reach outside of India by this insight. We regularly look for chances to collaborate with communities globally where access to basic spine care is still impossible. The Spine Foundation aims to provide people with spinal disorders with hope and healing by offering our services and expertise in these areas. The Spine Foundation hopes to significantly improve the lives of innumerable people and families with our global expansion.

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The Spine Foundation’s Journey To Burundi

Burundi, a small African country, brought to our attention a story that reflected the difficulties we face in India. Maïssa, a little girl with a bent spine, saw her condition worsen month after month. Her single mother, who was raising two girls, lacked the financial resources to seek medical care. Thousands of Maïssas suffer silently in isolated and resource-scarce regions, an unpleasant reality.

Pediatric Miracle

The Spine Foundation stepped in and arranged a life-changing emergency scoliosis surgery at Mutoyi Government Hospital. Seeing Maïssa through her remarkable recovery strengthened our resolve to continue our journey beyond India. Maïssa's experience highlights the global need for accessible spine treatment. The goal of The Spine Foundation's mission is clear: to bring hope and healing to these forgotten corners of the world, one Maïssa at a time.

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